Rose Desgranges, descended from the Champagne bourgeoisie, arrives in Paris in 1940
with her mother, Henriette Rose Desgranges, following a family crisis.
« She is just 16 years old. War is raging and she is obliged to work to support her family, thus abandoning her dream of becoming a pianist. »


he answers a small ad and becomes an apprentice to a renowned hair stylist and wig-maker at the Figaro Club located on the first floor of 70, Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré, opposite the Elysée Palace.
The Figaro Club belongs to Albert Meyer, a hair stylist popular with the Faubourg’s most elegant ladies. The artistically talented Meyer designs a never-ending stream of hairstyles and chignons exclusively for his clientele. His inventiveness leads him to produce a range of custom plant-based hair dyes.
Rose is employed full-time at the salon. She soon stands out for her manual dexterity, showing a flair for wig-making and themed window-dressing. She is a stunning beauty and fills the salon with her bright spirit.
Albert falls head over heels in love with Rose and marries her.



n 1945-1955, Rose converts the storeroom in the listed inner courtyard (historically the private courtyard of the Duc de Duras) into a small shop where she sells hair accessories and adornments, as well as a few beauty products.
In 1958, Albert, a trained chemist, instead of offering her a gemstone, concocts a fragrance as a love tribute in the laboratory in his cellar using exclusive, handpicked raw ingredients. Defying all trends, the fragrance embodies everything that Rose represents for him: assured femininity, elegance, sensuality, the working woman, effortless style.
The formula is then filed, protected and exclusively dedicated to Rose Desgranges.


n 1961, during the Faubourg’s festivities, which are held once a year to showcase some of the country’s finest design objects and collections, Rose decides to advertise her fragrance. She installs a perfume fountain in the courtyard and places a drop of her elixir on ladies’ handkerchiefs. The entire Faubourg is filled with the scent of “Rose Desgranges”!
Her small shop becomes the showcase for the “French-style fragrance”.
In 2013, a time when inventiveness in the olfactory world was everything, the descendants of Rose Desgranges (daughters and granddaughter) nurtured the idea of rekindling the flame of a perfume that encapsulated their childhood years. They thus decided to retrace half a century of French perfume-making and pay tribute to this exceptional creation.
On 1st December 2014, the vintage fragrance
“Rose Desgranges” was revived in its original setting at 70, rue du Faubourg St Honoré.