Le Lieu Mythique

A legendary, prestigious address in Paris in the heart of the Faubourg Saint-Honoré’s street, at 70.

You will be welcomed by the daughter or the grandson of Rose Desgranges, Patricia or Steve will have an indescribable pleasure to tell you this wonderful story.

From the street, passers-by can see a cobbled indoor courtyard with a statue in a flower-filled alcove. On entering the gateway, they are greeted by 5 display windows depicting the 5 key events in the life of Rose Desgranges.

Who would think that by entering the porch way from the street they would stumble upon such a prestigious showcase. The welcoming atmosphere embraces the visitor with a glimpse into the past offered by Albert Meyer’s hair stylist sketches and the sober, modern portrait of Rose that lends its sophistication to the legendary Rose Desgranges fragrance.


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