Rose Desgranges

The Fragrance

Rose Desgranges is a story of women.
This is a line of Roses …

Only an original perfume bottle Rose Desgranges 1961 remains, created by a master glassmaker, dressed in his original label highlighting statue in alcove enthroned in the courtyard.

Fragrance pyramid 

Rose Desgranges is not a typical Oriental, is a sensual floral, more textured, silky, rich musk notes, supported by a slightly woody-patchouli accord foam and coated with an Absolute Vanilla.

Head notes: Rose, Bergamot, Mandarin
Heart notes: Ambrette, Jasmine, Iris, Ylang-Ylang
Base notes: Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Patchouli, Oak moss

This is an invitation to travel, to find the know-how of the French perfumery and make room for the imagination. An olfactory experience is offered with a 3-step ritual: since the discovery of the floral composition in the world or how to view the cascade of flowers and surprised to feel one by one major species contained in the pitchers of the organ perfumes and imagine the difficulty of playing Parfumeur floral symphony. Finally, last gesture borrowed from medieval and ecclesiastical world, discover the wake through a pomander, goldsmith object enclosing a fragrant ceramics.

Refillable Purse spray in Yellow Gold or Pink Gold
Hand-designed and crafted like a precious jewel, the Rose Desgranges Eau de Parfum purse spray meets the mobility needs of perfume lovers. It makes an elegant addition to any bag, bringing a fragrant touch of Haute Couture class to your everyday life. Hand-engraved, finished in guilloché and available in rose gold and palladium or in yellow gold. Rose Desgranges embodies tradition, innovation and the spirit of a living legacy. So it is little wonder that it turned to Marcel Franck, traditional French purveyor of luxury sprays established since 1882, for its superior expertise. It gives ‘Made in France’ a whole new relevance!
Contains 12.5 ml Eau de Parfum. Price inc. VAT €200 €

Refill Eau de Parfum 50 ml
Once empty, your Spray may be refilled using the Ressource Eau de Parfum 50ml and funnel. Price €110 inc. VAT.

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