Monsieur Albert 5ème Dan

Monsieur Albert 5ème Dan Eau de Parfum 75ml


Who is Monsieur Albert?

Remember the charismatic man who fell head over heels in love with Rose, the talented stylist and owner of the Hairdressing Salon in the 1930s known to all as Le Figaro Club? Albert, a trained chemist, developed for his muse her very own fragrance in 1958, a cascading floral tribute on a bed of woody notes, musk and patchouli, unique, a concoction of exceptional essences, an ode to elegance à la française. Four years after the renewed awakening of this vintage sleeping beauty in its original showcase at 70 Rue du Faubourg St Honoré, Albert’s grandson opened a new chapter in this family saga.
In tribute to this multi-faceted personality and fascinating character, Albert’s grandson carries on the family tradition with a somewhat unexpected elixir, Monsieur Albert 5th Dan.

Why 5th Dan? In 1942, Monsieur Albert became drawn to the martial arts, especially judo and its philosophy and met with Master Mikinosuke Kawashi, the founder of French Judo. He would learn all the fundamentals of the art and obtained his 1st Dan in 1944.
In 1946, already a pioneer of French judo, Albert opened the 1st dojo (judo club) in France for children, Judo Club Etoile, at 55 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris 16th arrondissement.
He was fascinated by this universe and took part in many combats (the family is still in possession of numerous testimonials of the time, including photos and press articles).
Albert was asked by the Racing Club de France to open a Judo section for children in 1949. He became Technical director of the entire Judo section at the RCF in Rue Eblé, 7th arrondissement and in 1950 he obtained his 3rd Dan.

It will therefore come as no surprise to see on the bottle a delicate little logo depicting a judo move, Uki-Otoshi: floating drop!
The nose of the perfume house, Benoist Lapouza, places Eau de parfum Monsieur Albert 5ème Dan, in the woody, spicy, sensual category.
A rich fragrance, full of nuance, combining vetiver revisited by fresh spices into the head notes of pink peppercorns, Sichuan pepper with a hint of grapefruit, ginger, nutmeg, together with vibrant hespiridian accents, such as bergamot. The vetiver is then warmed by touches of powerful, luminous amber, teamed with the woody accents of cedar.
Finally, tonka bean works its delicate magic to give a powerfully masculine fragrance of incomparable sensuality, a quiet velvet revolution.

An authentic and unique olfactory signature, a skin fragrance evocative of the elegant, charismatic man that was Monsieur Albert.

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